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Atul started working in theatre in Solapur, a town in Southern Maharashtra, India in the year 1986.

Natya Aradhana, an experimental group, provided him a platform for the theatrical journey. The exploration began with 'Natak', a play in two acts in Marathi, a regional language of Maharashtra.

This was followed by many more experimental plays like 'Udhvasta Dharmashala', 'Chapha', 'Aapan Sarech Ghodegaonkar' and 'Manoos Navacha Bet'. These plays were very well appreciated by different audiences and Atul grabbed several awards.

In 1992, Atul decided to be a professional actor and secured admission at the National School of Drama (NSD), New Delhi, an apex institution in India in the field of Theatre Training.

In NSD, he worked with eminent personalities like Naseeruddin Shah, Ratan Thiyyam, Prasanna, Mita Vasishtha and Barry John.

After passing out from the NSD in 1995, started working as a freelance actor in Mumbai in Theatre, Television and Cinema.

Since 1999, associated with Ranga Vardhan, a networking activity in the field of Performing, Literary and Fine Arts, first of its kind in India.


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